Welcome to Seismometer

Seismometer is a monitoring system designed around the notion that monitoring in its very essence is simply processing streams of data, what enables to process and emit various categories of data, like traditional metrics and events, logs, or OS and service inventory.

Architecture of Seismometer allows its operator to add custom routines to process data (like anomaly detection or non-standard threshold checking), inspect the data flow at any processing point, or direct it to different destinations, temporarily or permanently (what facilitates development or testing a new storage system or processing engine using production data, but without disturbing the regular operations).

Seismometer can easily cooperate with other monitoring systems by feeding them with data and by receiving/reading the data from them.

Seismometer's components are intended to be useful by themselves, without any of the other tools. This makes the system quite modular and open for customizations, even in stream processing part. There are some ideas how to use this trait.

Why it is better?

See propaganda.