Components of Seismometer

To learn how the components fit together, see Sesimometer's architecture and quick start guide.


Data market/hub. BrookEngine serves as a place for publishing and subscribing to data streams. Most of the stream processing happens in BrookEngine (using its query capabilities) or nearby, by a tool that subscribes to BrookEngine and publishes data back.

BrookEngine's prototype is based on Fluentd with additional plugins.

Seismometer Toolbox

Set of tools for collecting, forwarding, and processing data.

Useful functions to monitor Linux OS (and some other OS-es) are collected as DumbProbe snippets.


Database that tracks most recent event states and serves as a simple inventory, mainly for events and metrics names.

metrics and state collector

TODO: tool to be written.


Wiki-based dashboard application.

NOTE: This is an external tool.


Log parsing daemon.

NOTE: This is an external tool.